January 9, 2009


There are certain people in this world that remind you of the power of love, the resiliency of family and the strength found in friendship. One of my closest friend's father has been ravaged with a rare form of lung cancer - has persevered through countless surgeries, radiation and chemical treatments. Despite extreme suffering, spreading tumors, and all the ups and downs this illness offers, this family continues to pull together and lift each other up time and time again. Regardless of treatment, this family has spent celebrations, weddings, and holidays together; sharing each new moment in life.

Centered here is a die hard fan of the Tour-de-France, who only has 1 lung, and his supporters this summer at first annual Tour-de-Family Fun. As you can see he is one tough character. His wife, has such incredible tenacity, positive energy and goodwill, we could all be more like her. Together they keep their hearts open, through it all.

Their daughter ranks as one of the greatest people on this planet. Her accomplishments cannot be listed in such a simple blog. Regardless of her father's condition she has managed to keep it together - including running a first rate research lab at one of the toughest and finest research institutions in the world, taking time to experience places like China and Africa, and even treating herself to a sabbatical in NYC. She can claim the unique distinction of having had a cocktail on ALL seven continents!! She has more frequent flier miles than anyone I know, as she will be on the next plane to WA, to be there for her family whenever they need it. And through it all she still offers me, little ol' me, a supportive hug and the kindest of words on my worst days.

My friend, I love you.
You are truly an AMAZING woman.
You bring a beauty to this world that is unlike anything else.

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