February 18, 2009

Linking Falls on an Open Mic

Opportunity chooses the high road,
Perception glances down the low.
A heart of gold plays an open mic
Whetting dreams with spinning delight.
Tune the noisemaker, play the chord,
Quickly now before they find the door.
No ties to bind, no hearts to break,
Keep it simple, only music to make.
Melt the vocals, harmonize into one,
Future’s unknown, but for now its fun.

(pics c/o Dreamerskier)

The approach to Tin Can, seen in foreground (Feb, 2009)

TrevO soaking up the sun

Skins off - time to run, fresh pow made it fun... for some.
I'm the world's worst downhill skier and this was a
pretty tough day for me.

Backcountry tracks show off how to carve a turn.
I chose to link some falls.

1 comment:

Trevor White said...

nice post. like the poem. and you did link those falls quite well :)