May 6, 2009

Spring Floes-n-Woes

As I recover from my crazy concussion of last week (I have learned that I suffered a Grade III concussion. Not the kind you want to have), the local environment has been underwater and under ice with plenty of folks suffering far worse than I.

Eagle is a small village that will never be the same due to an ice jam in the Yukon River causing major flooding and huge icebergs. My friend Brian was working there for Department of Environmental Conservation, as part of their Haz-Mat crew. Check his blog to hear what it was like on the ground: Mother Nature Flexes Her Muscles.

The local newspaper made a slideshow of what can happen when air temperatures skyrocket to over 70°F for a week straight like they did last week.
Spring Flooding

While we really enjoyed the warm sunshine and amazing warmth (well my friends tell me it was an amazing week - I slept thru it), the rivers have had a hard time managing all of the springmelt.

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