January 17, 2010

Esguince en el Tobillo

What to do when you sprain your ankle on the 2nd day of a 3wk Costa Rican vacation:
R. Rest
I. Ice
C. Compress
E. Elevate

Rest in a tent by the ocean

Or in sleepy Tico towns.

Ice w/ wine . Or any cool beverage of choice:

Compress while diving w/ reef sharks.

Elevate on the zip-line.

Indulge in therapeutic Poas crater steam.

Elevate on the terrace.

Engage in pool therapy with 'Sam and Serena'.

Ice in freshwater Cascadas!

Hang 10

Soak in "Salt water baths"

Sip the local brew.

Elevate to see the gringo of Cedral: Seth.

Take a deep breath, savor the Guaro and
enjoy the quiet moments of friendship.

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