April 6, 2010

Wizard of OTZ

Incognito in Kotzebue:

Kotzebue is a Native Village of roughly 3,000 people in the western arctic that lives on a gravel spit. I traveled there recently in route to do a few days of field work on the Agashoshak River, a beautiful little spot in the western Brooks Range. It was a week of new experiences - snowmachining to work, camping in an arctic oven equipped with a travel wood stove and all, and witnessing a small piece of native village life.

My trip also included an unexpected flight to three small villages: Ambler, Kobuk and Shungnak. My first flight in a Caravan. A delivery of lots and lots of soda and a few passengers, including a girl that was medi-vac-ed out earlier that week and a State Trooper who rode along so we could pick up a "perp" in hand-cuffs at Shungnak. It was a pretty full village experience.

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