May 22, 2010

Trinken wir einen Stampl?

The perfect way to celebrate a birthday:
Start the day at 6:30 am for Sourdough Sams breakfast w/ Cody & Amy (NOTE: if you get there at 0630, you don't have to stand in line).
Leave Cody to spend day baking, cooking, preparing a party while Amy and I venture on (2nd NOTE: Amy has the best husband-to-be EVER!).

Load, bikes, packrafts, pfds, and head out to Angel Rocks Trailhead for another incredible Doublemint Twin adventure.

Hike 12 miles along a gorgeous alpine trail stopping to admire the spring flowers and bask in the warmth of the sun.

Take a hidden turn down a winter trail - it's so easy and delightful!

Take a right, then the left to avoid the bushwack and pop out exactly at the Middle Fork of the Chena - yahoo!!

Blow up the packrafts, put away the camera, forget to capture packrafts in action and enjoy 2 hrs of easy paddling. Take out at mile 43 Chena Hot Springs Road & package up the rafts.

Hop on bikes for the final 6 miles back to the car, find the rhythm of the road to quickly pass the miles.

Top it all off with "dee-lish" finger food Cody style, great friends, sweet and tasty Birthday Schnaps and of course a trip through the birthday spanking machine!!

These were just a few highlights of a perfect, easy, nonstop day of companionship, fresh air, a wee bit of adventure and mouthwatering food. Certainly the perfect way to spend a birthday.

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