December 12, 2010

Sunday at the Trailshelter

I had the great fortune to spend some time catching up on news from 2007 & 2008 - papers left behind for firestarter, splitting wood, preparing food from the heat of a woodstove, melting snow for water and watching the sun and moon pass along the sky. With ever decreasing air temperatures (bottoming out at -43F) and increasing spirit - I found a day alone at the Trailshelter to be just the kind of day I'd been longing for.

When the mercury cannot rise above thirty five below,

And breaking trail is thwarted by scorched blazes of a summer's wildfire,

There's a little hut offering sanctuary to the wayward skier,

That tenders quiet contemplation as frost melts from frozen lashes,

And serves a pastel sorbet evening sunset.

Just another long weekend in the White Mountains Recreation Area.


Leslie said...

Beautiful photos & a wonderful little adventure! You make'a'me homesick!!! xo

Aaron said...

Christie - Cousin Aaron here, your Mom and my Mom are wondering why you are at the shack by yourself and who is this Leslie character? If you want to warm up why don't you come to Minnesota!

snowgecko said...

LOVELY Whites photo poem!