December 8, 2008

Color Me Softly

We are destined to become,
What we’ve already been,
Moving forward to the past,
Into quiet submission.

Mysteries must be solved,
Everything unknown must be found,
Whodunit, in what room,
With feet and hands bound.

Dreaming of days gone by,
Not believing that we know,
Yesterday’s secrets are tied,
In tragedy, family, quid pro quo.

Ignorance keeps us on life support,
Hungry for greed, stupid bliss,
Anarchy won’t pull the plug.
Never to be held without selfishness.

What do we see,
As the mystery of the young man dies?
Feral visions ravaged with,
Silent screams and cries.

Love is not to prevail,
Compassion lost in reality.
Always apply two coats of paint,
To mask all originality.

Graffiti, tattoos, comic books, cartoons.
Spiderman's web of deception,
Guised as good, computer enhanced,
And air brushed to perfection.

Be good, behave, be bland,
But don’t be bright.
Fear your neighbor, not the rules,
Keep hearts and minds locked tight.

Live without mystery, not without fear,
Obey your mother, read the signs
Ask no questions, only paint by numbers
And stay within the lines.

Please color me softly, sparingly.
Let my nascent hue scratch through.

(Katchemak Bay, May 2006)

(Trindade, São Paulo, Brasil, 2004)

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