December 5, 2008


(Kennicott Glacier Exploration - July 2007)

Stanch rapid whir like a hurricane bursting at the brink of control,
Turn steadiness upside down, with scarcity of sanity or soul.
Swirl the push and pull of remembrances like tug of war,
Manifesting winners and losers, yet never settling the score.

Icy liquid blue soften to translucent sunrise hues,
Scour rippled beginnings, deeply cleansed, anew.

Oh Commander of tender-hearts: one, two, three and then four.
Unleash them beating wildly with only a whisper sent to shore.
Take solace in the back eddy, a pool for the mighty oared,
Reflecting no way back, nor regret, only merciful reward.

(packrafting Saganavirktok River, Northslope - June 2008)

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