December 10, 2008

A Day on the Jack River

(Jack River ski line-up - Dec 2008)

(Headed into the valley)

Jack River be frozen, Jack Ice be slick
Can't wait to make the ice tools stick
No cape today for Christie's still sick.

Three "buff" gals and two hearty dogs
With temps so warm, it ain't no slog
A day so delightful will go on the blog.

Caribou herds, Penny's got 'em retreating
Hold it...Perfect picture for "Season's Greetings"
With Erin, Amy, Penny and Clem not fleeting.

Where's the ice? It must be a trick
Keep on going through all the thick
No climbing today, light wanes too quick.

For December in Alaska short is the wick
On Mother Goose's ice cold candlestick
No worries, next time we'll use the pick.

(Season's Greetings from Erin, Amy, Penny and Clemson)

(Fun little downhill section - wohoo!)

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